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ARs have developed in Hellas over the last two decades. With the support of the Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment & Energy and via the European Fisheries Fund,  5 artificial reefs have been deployed up to date while 1 more is under construction. The participation of the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization – Demeter in the planning and scientific follow-up of existing ARs was and still is particularly important. Moreover a lot of feasibility  studies have been made in parallel with these constructions in other parts of the country, mainly from the FRI and other institutions as well.

The aim of the ARs is the creation of artificial biotopes which are protected with presidential decrees, in which the management of Fisheries resources is made following specific rules. The ARs intend in the reduction of mortality of marine organisms, via the creation of complicated constructions where a large number of marine organisms find shelter, permanently or during certain phases of their biological cycle. In order for ARs to achieve their goal, collaboration with the local authorities and the local fishermen associations which constitute the final users of these applications is of paramount importance.

For the creation of each AR, a long-lasting process of planning and maturation of prerequisite studies is required. The process begins with the preparation of a feasibility study and proceeds with the construction and deployment of the AR modules and finishes with a 3 year-long scientific monitoring of each AR.

Artificial Reefs

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Meeting for the presentation of the final results of the program:

Triennial scientific monitoring of the effects of the construction of artificial reefs projects in the coastal zone of the Gulf of Ierissos N.Chalikidiki, In the coastal region N. Kalymnos Dodecanese and Ionian coastal zone N. Preveza.

Workshop program

In the Agricultural University


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Dr. Argyris Kalianiotis - Researcher

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Dr. Nikolaos Kamidis -


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Antonis Petrou -

Marine Biologist

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