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Hellenic Agricultural Organisation “Demeter”

The scientific monitoring includes a sampling scheme in order to describe the natural conditions within the area of ​​AR. The  scheme includes the following actions:

Monitoring of the physical environmental parameters affecting the colonization of the AR.

Sampling  of natural parameters in Kalymnos AR

The estimation of biomass and abundance of fish stocks at the location of the AR (using experimental trawl sampling), in order to estimate the abundance of species in the local biocoenosis.

Monitoring the colonization of sessile fauna, on the hard substrate of the AR’s modules.

Study of ichthyoplankton at the vicinity of the AR in order to investigate species that breeds or settle in the surroundings of the AR.

Studies of the settlement and devolepment of communities by estimating the changes observed during the period of scientific monitoring.

Monitoring and analysis of colonization by fish fauna in the core of AR. This is made by a specialized group of divers which perform visual census of the fish population at the core of the AR.

Monitoring of fishing effort in the area of ​​AR, by recording the landings of the coastal fishing vessels that fish in the area around the AR.

Organization of the management plan of the area where the AR is deployed which includes: a) a proposal for the composition and competence of the body responsible for the management of AR, b) determination of the number of vessels allowed to fish within the area. c) proposal on the fishing rules in the management area with specifications on fishing gears d) any local or time restrictions on fishing and e) proposal for the control of activities in the same zone.

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